Scientist solutions with high quality Polycarbonates membranes.

Breguer Kendal, in 1994, met Krugger Klein in a scientist conference. 

In 1998 Breguer became Breguer and Krugger, producing track etched membranes at his own brand, with high technological process and the strict respect of a quality chart.

In 2001, Breguer and Krugger improve the quality chart, to answer to some new problematic of this centenary. Always working for some big companies, Breguer and Krugger decided in 2012 to open the membranes to the distribution markets.

Other membranes

We can supply in large quantities, membranes disk from 13 mm diameter till 142 mm diameter.

Also, we can provide A4 sheet or bobins.

– Polycarbonate track etched membranes (PCTE)

– Polyester track etched membranes (PET)

With several options : hydrophilic, hydrophobic, cell culture, colored, microns..

Track etched membranes

In addition of the track etched membranes, we can supply also various type of filters and membranes, like :

– Silver membranes

– Microfiber glass filter

Qualitative filter paper

Gold-coated membranes

Alumina oxide membranes

In several sizes and microns.

Microscopy grids

Breguer and Krugger offers the widest range of grid patterns and grid materials for TEM and SEM worldwide. In addition to electrodeposited and etched metal grids, we offer silicon nitride and silicon oxide membranes as well as continuous, holey, lacey and micromachined carbon support films.
We represent the biggest volums worldwide.

Other products

With membranes and filters, we supply some high technical laboratories products for air sampling :
- Tedlar bag
- Filtration cassettes
In several sizes and microns.